This website is devoted to the my travels through the
universe.  Most of the drawings were done from suburban
skies in Central Maryland with a 155mm refractor or smaller
telescope.  In part, the reason for this website is to show
what can be seen visually from a moderate light-polluted
location with a modest-sized telescope.  It is my hope to
persuade others to join me in enjoying the night sky even
when unable to travel to pristine skies.
I have been an amateur astronomer since the mid-1960s.  I
have used several telescopes over the years and currently
own 6 telescopes as outlined below:
Contact information:  
Richard Orr
5215 Durham Road East
Columbia, Maryland 21044
Richard Orr's Astronomy Drawings
1)  60mm, f15, achromatic, Monolux Refractor (#4380) -- this was my first telescope
(early 1960s)  and I have never been able to part with it.  I currently have it mounted on
my 155mm Refractor.

2)  155mm, f7, apochromatic-triplet, Astrophysics  Starfire Refractor -- this is the
telescope I usually use from the deck of my house in suburban Maryland.  This is my
most used telescope.

3)  110mm, f7, apochromatic-triplet, William Optics FluroStar Refractor -- I use this
telescope usually when I spend a few hours with the local astronomy club at our
nearby semi-dark sites at Alpha Ridge Park and Carrs Mills Park.

4)  85mm, f6.6, apochromatic-triplet, Orion Eon ED-X2 Refractor -- this is my
airline/travel telescope or when I need a rich-field telescope.

5)  457.2mm f4.5 Dobsonian by Obsession -- this is my dark-sky star-party telescope
or the one I use when I wish to go deep into the cosmos.

6)  100mm Hydrogen-alpha telescope by Lunt  (DSII/100T) --  used for exploring the
chromosphere of the sun.
What is new:

February 24, 2020 -- Added drawings of the Lenticular Galaxy, NGC 1023, and the Reflection
                                    Nebula, NGC 1333, in Perseus

February 23, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Globular Cluster, NGC 2419, and the Spiral Galaxy,
                                    NGC 2683, in Lynx

February 22, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Spiral Galaxy, IC 342, in Camelopardalis

February 18, 2020 -- Added drawings of the Open Cluster NGC 2286, NGC 2311 and
                                    NGC 2301 in Monoceros

February 17, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Open Cluster NGC 2353, Asterism, NGC 2351, and the
                                    Double Star, Struve 1052, in Monoceros

February 16, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Open Clusters NGC 2335, NGC 2343, Cr 465, Cr 466
                                    and the Seagull Nebula IC 2177 in Monoceros

February 15, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Carbon Star, W Canis Majoris, in Canis Major

February 08, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Galaxy NGC 4753 in Virgo

February 07, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Galaxies NGC 4697 and NGC 4731 in Virgo

February 05, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Galaxy NGC 4643 in Virgo

February 04, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Galaxy NGC 4665 in Virgo

February 03, 2020 -- Added drawing of the Galaxy NGC 4636 with Supernova SN 2020ue in Virgo
Last updated 24-February-2020