Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis) -- Variable Star in Orion
Arm Pit of the Central One
The bright orange star Betelgeuse is a major landmark in the winter sky.  Betelgeuse translates
to the “Arm Pit of the Central One”.  The central one, of course, is the magnificent celestial
hunter Orion.  The constellation Orion with its numerous bright stars is the corner stone of the
Winter Constellations.

Betelgeuse is the brightest variable star that can be noticed to change in brightness visually;
the only 1st magnitude star that demonstrates this ability.  It also ranks as one of the largest
stars known.  If placed where our sun is it would extend nearly to the orbit of Jupiter when at
maximum (it pulsates).  Consisting of only 20 solar masses this monster of a star is spread
very thin at its visible edge (less than 1/10,000 of Earth’s surface atmosphere).  This Super
Red Giant will not last long and will go out in a massive explosion.  That will be impressive to