V-Aquilae -- Carbon Star (Semi-regular Pulsating Variable) in Aquila
Drawing Of A Carbon Star In The Eagle
The star V-Aquilae is red (only red star in the drawing).  Not orange like so called Red-
Giant stars or Red-Dwarf stars whose color reflects their low surface temperature, but a
deep true red color. The rare Carbon stars’ color is due to an upwelling of carbon from
deep inside the star to its surface. The bright red color really stands out against the
background of less colorful stars.  V-Aquilae is a semiregular pulsating-variable star that
fluctuates in brightness between 6.6 and 8.4 magnitudes on average of 352 days.  This
morning it was about as bright as it gets. The constellation that this Carbon Star is in is
Aquila (the Eagle). The drawing was made from the deck of my house in Columbia,