Epsilon Monocerotis (8 Monocerotis) -- Double Star in Monoceros
This attractive double star resides about 1.5 degrees west of the famous Rosette Nebula
(NGC 2244).  Older astronomy literature claim that an additional fainter component star “C”
made this a triple-star system, but modern measurements suggests that this star is not a
part of the system.  I labeled it anyway for my own reference.  

Also interesting are the two non-existent Open Clusters Dolidze 22 and Collinder 92 in the
same field of view as Epsilon Monocerotis.  Originally, they were identified as Open Clusters
each with 10 stars covering an area of 8.0 & 11.0 arcminutes.  Their locations are still often
shown on modern star atlases. How these false Open Clusters could possibly be considered
different from the surrounding rich milky way star field is beyond me.  Again, I labeled the two
locations for my own reference.

The presence of a nearby bright orange star, HD 44730, adds additional color to the view of
the double Epsilon Monocerotis.