M98  (NGC 4192) -- Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices
Forever Separated
The Universe is expanding sending distant galaxies further away from us.  But galaxies also have
their own movement through space (Proper Motion).  At the distance of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster,
all but five of the two-thousand plus galaxies are speeding away from us due to the expansion of
the Universe.  The odd five galaxies, that we know about, are moving towards us because their
own proper motion is in our direction and happens to be faster than the current expansion rate of
the Universe.  The Spiral Galaxy M98 is one of the five.  It is moving towards us at around 142
miles per second.  It will, of course, never come close to us.  M98’s proper motion direction is
controlled by the massive gravitational field created by the Virgo Galaxy Cluster and M98 will
slowly change its course over time. In addition, the further the Virgo Galaxy Cluster moves away
from us, the faster the rate of expansion.  There will be a time when all the galaxies in the cluster
will be moving away from us regardless of their individual proper motion.