Mars on August 5, 2018
Even though I had short periods of very steady views at high power on Mars, it proved
hard to make out the "standard markings" as seen on a Mars’ map.  It is proof that the
global dust storm is not yet letting up as I had hoped. Only mottled views of Mare
Erythraeum were present while Mare Acidalium was mostly hidden from me,
appearing much smaller than expected.  A touch of the dark Solis Lacus and Sinus
Meridiani on opposite sides of the planet were made out but only after spending time
at the eyepiece.  The Aurorae Sinus area was broken up and proved difficult to
pinpoint the exact locations of the finger-like markings on the drawing. The North Polar
Hood is well developed, growing the North Polar Cap while the South Polar Cap is
melting away, showing signs of change.  Note -- South is up in the drawing.