Mars on August 9 - 10, 2018
Mars -- Dust Storm Weakening?
I observed and drew Mars late on August 9th and into the morning of August 10th.  
High thin clouds would at times force me to break from the eyepiece, but at other
times the stable atmosphere, when free of clouds, gave me reasonable views.  My
impression was that Mars is starting to clear of dust.  The dark markings could be
made out, but still they were subtle.  Meridiani Sinus was mid-disk and its two
forked-like extensions could be seen pointing north (south is up in the drawing).  
The two large impact basins, Hellas (upper left) and Argyre (upper right) were both
visible, but Hellas was easier to make out than Argyre.  Several of the dark markings,
Mare Acidalium, Margaritifer Sinus and parts of Mare Eyrthraeum still appear mottled
and distorted from the dust.  The South Polar Cap and the North Polar Hood were