NGC 1407 -- Elliptical Galaxy in Eridanus
Brightest of the NGC 1407 Galaxy Group
The huge Elliptical Galaxy, NGC 1407, dominates approximately 200 galaxies which are
gravitationally bound to each other.  This massive galaxy is home to a central black hole
with a mass of 1.2 billion times that of our sun – a monster indeed.  

Shining at magnitude 9.7, NGC 1407, was not difficult to see with the 110mm refractor
from a local park near my house.  The next brightest galaxy in the group (magnitude 12.3),
which was only 11.8 arcminutes away in the 7:00 o’clock position from NGC 1407 in my
drawing was unfortunately below the detection level of the small refractor and my old eyes.  
Seeing only one of two hundred plus galaxies in this remarkable galaxy swarm may not
sound too impressive, but still to observe such a magnificent galaxy whose light took 76
million years to reach my eyes does warrants some appreciation.