NGC 2395 -- Open Cluster in Gemini
The eighth-magnitude Open Cluster, NGC 2395, sits only  about 1/2 degree from the Medusa
Nebula. It was the logical celestial object to view while I waited for the moon to set below the
horizon.  Although the moon was well behind trees, on my western horizon, as I viewed the
Open Cluster, I wanted it to get as dark as it could before I tried for the Medusa Nebula (my
main target for the early morning).

NGC 2395 is a quaint but pretty smattering of faint stars, of which I could only resolve about a
third of them.  The fainter ones flickered in-and out-of view, appearing first as pinpoints of light,
taxing the limits of visibly, before once again returning to the defuse fog of unresolved stars.