NGC 2489 -- Open Cluster in Puppis
A Concentration of Star Dust
NGC 2489 was the last of my two-night marathon to draw the best of the northern non-Messier
Puppis Open Clusters NGC 2421, 2479, 2482, 2489, 2509,2527, 2567 and 2571.  At two
local parks with good non-moon nights, I was able to accomplish the goal.  The small-sized
NGC 2489 did not contain any bright members but instead was evident by a background fog
consisting of its over one-hundred stars just at, or below, the resolution of my 110mm refractor.  
About a half-dozen of the brighter stars in the cluster would wink in and out of my vision,
slipping through the background mist.  

Northern Puppis is a grand location to hunt Open Clusters and one that I enjoyed even from as
far north as Central Maryland.