NGC 2841 -- Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
The Tiger’s Eye Galaxy
What a wonderful sight.  The Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841 is, I believe, a rival for most of the galaxies
on the Messier list.  This bright galaxy shows a bright-core with a star-like Seyfert-nucleus.  Its
extended disk is more delicate, but really not difficult, even from my suburban backyard, in the
modest-sized refractor.  I could not make out any detail within the spiral arms, but the overall
impression of this galaxy in the eyepiece is just stunning.

The Tiger’s Eye Galaxy gets its name from the gemstone of the same name.  It was coined by
Stephen James O’Meara in his book “Hidden Treasures”.  Although, I have difficultly in relating
the gemstone to the galaxy, a deep-sky object this impressive deserves to have a common