NGC 3079 -- Barred Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
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Phantom Frisbee Galaxy
I found this galaxy difficult to locate, at low power, even though it is one of the nearest and
brightest of the Type 2 Seyfert Galaxies known ( it has massive star formation in the core).  
No doubt the suburban sky-glow and modest telescope (155mm refractor) contributed to
the problem.  Also, I often find thin edge-on galaxies harder to see than their magnitude
readings suggest.

At a higher power the core of NGC 3079 does shine brighter than the rest of the galaxy.  Also,
with a little work the thin extensions seemed slightly mottled in brightness.  After completing
the drawing, I noticed that I under-represented the size of the galaxy, indicating that I was not
seeing the full extent of its outer regions from my backyard.

The name Phantom Frisbee Galaxy was coined by Stephen James O’Meara in his book
“The Secret Deep”.  He lists NGC 3079 as his 38th entry and is well worth the read.