NGC 3640 -- Elliptical Galaxy in Leo
Leo Elliptical with a Supermassive Black Hole
NGC 3640 is a large Elliptical Galaxy (90,000 light years across) with a collection of smaller
galaxies gravitationally bound to it.  Only NGC 3640 is within reach of my 6-inch refractor from
suburbia; the other companion galaxies are too faint to be seen.  Elliptical galaxies are
generally featureless in amateur telescopes, and NGC 3640 is no exception.  I could not make
out any details for the drawing except for a slight brightening at the center of the galaxy.  It
should be noted that residing in that core is a supermassive black hole with an estimated
mass of 100 million times that of our sun.  It is no wonder the core appears a bit brighter.