NGC 3810 -- Spiral Galaxy in Leo
NGC 3810 appears like many of the galaxies in the Virgo Super Cluster in my 6-inch refractor
from suburbia – dim, showing little if any detail; that taxes one’s visual ability just to see.  
These seemingly small insignificant-looking smudges that dot the telescopic night sky across
the spring-time constellations are in fact, island universes, each made up of trillions of stars
made to look insignificant only because of their incomprehensible distances. It is no wonder
that amateur astronomers search out these faint-fuzzes, for in their minds (and mine) they are
not looking at unremarkable faint blurs in the eyepiece, but at one of nature’s most
magnificent-large structures – collective homes of countless stars and planets that will never be
physically explored or visited except through the imagination of an Earth bound observer.