NGC 4036 & NGC 4041 -- Galaxies in Ursa Major
The NGC 4036 & NGC 4041 Pair of Galaxies
The reasonably bright edge-on Lenticular Galaxy, NGC 4036, and the slightly fainter face-on
Spiral Galaxy, NGC 4041, make a nice pair in the eyepiece.  Residing only 400,000 light
years from each other and seen at a distance of 62 million light years, translates to a
separation of around 15 arcminutes.  In a one-degree eyepiece, at 84x, they are nicely
framed with plenty of dark space around them.  NGC 4036 is the largest (and brightest) at
90,000 light years across and shines with the luminosity of 42 billion suns.

NGC 4041 is smaller and in the 155mm refractor from my suburban backyard only shows its
central nucleus, the paler disk is just too compromised by the sky glow to be noticeable.  
Still, these Herschel 400 double-galaxies in the eyepiece provide a pleasing view.