NGC 4216 -- Spiral Galaxy in Virgo
Silver Streak Galaxy
What a fine sight this bright edge-on Spiral Galaxy is in the 155mm refractor.  Only 1 ½
degrees south of M98 and M99 near the Coma Berenices/Virgo border, this galaxy should
not be missed.  This whole area is peppered with galaxies, of which only a few can be seen
and fewer are noteworthy, when viewed with a modest-sized telescope under suburban
skies, but NGC 4216 stands out.  The bright slightly elongated core with a star-like nucleus
marks the center of this extended thin galaxy.  When you are in the area observing the
Messier Galaxies, M98 and M99, and you do not take the time to look at NGC 4216 then
you are missing out on a real treat.