11 Aquilae -- Double Star in Aquila
11 Aquilae – Yellow & Blue
There is a lot of contradictory information on the internet about star 11-Aquilae.  Some
sources claim that it is a single sun while others state that it is a 3-star system.  Some
claim that the double star is an optical-double only while others claim that they are truly
double stars.  Whatever the case, there is no doubt that through the telescope the yellow
and blue colors of the pair provide a splendid sight and are well worth the time to observe.

In the drawing, to the far right of the 11-Aquilae-pair there appears another double star.  
The names of these two stars are HD176483 & HD176484 and there is no disagreement
that they are an optical-double -- stars that appear close to each other only because they
fall along the same line of sight from Earth; but in really are too distant from one another to
be bound gravitationally as in a true double star.