1 Lacertae, Sturve 2876 & Struve 2894 in Lacerta
An Orange-Yellow Giant Star with Double Stars on each Side
1-Lacertae is one impressive star.  It is a K3 Giant that shines with an orange-yellow hue.  
1-Lacertae has 4 times the mass of our sun, is 69 times the size of our sun and shines
1,453 times brighter than our sun.  A monster indeed!!

The double star Struve 2876 is on 1-Lacertae’s left in the drawing and the double star
Struve 2894 on its right.  Both double stars fit easily in the same field-of-view as 1-Lacertae
in the 155mm refractor at a magnification of 52x – a power that easily splits both double
stars.  A fine view to end tonight’s observing session.