24 Comae Berenices -- Double Star in Coma Berenices
The Spring Albireo
The double star 24 Comae Berenices is often referred to as the “Spring Albireo” because
of its yellow-orange primary and blue secondary stars.  It is a stunning double in even the
smallest of telescopes.  It is easily separated and the colors obvious even in my 60mm f/15

This beautiful double is more often accidentally “discovered” than deliberately sought out.  This
is not because it is an unworthy target – it truly is worth a visit, but because it rests in an
area rich in galaxies.  I like many, first found this pleasing double star, while scanning for
galaxies with my dobsonian telescope.

Many of the surrounding galaxies are hidden from my suburban backyard using much
smaller refractors, but 24 Comae Berenices still shines in all it’s glory.