30 Arietis -- Multiple Star in Aries
30 Arietis -- Pair of Yellow Eyes in the Golden Ram
In the 110mm refractor, 30 Arietis, appears as a pair of bright yellow-eyes in the dark of the
night. This multiple star system is more complex than it appears with three additional stars
that lay beyond my little refractor.  The primary star “A” has a tight spectroscopic binary star
that orbits around it in just 1.1 days.  The secondary star “B” has a red dwarf star “C” that
orbits around it every 80 years. Finally, there is another red dwarf (or possibly it is a large
planet) that orbits “B” every 345 days.  The three stars in the B-complex rotate around the
two stars in the A-complex every 34,000 years.

This complexity is hidden in the eyepiece, but the bright yellow pair makes for a pleasing