35 Comae Berenices -- Triplet Star in Coma Berenices
Yellow, White and Blue Triple-Star in Coma Berenices
It was an excellent night.  The moon had set about 1 hour ago and the sky was crystal
clear.  Even better the winter chill that had been around for the past few months had
abated, and the outside temperature was far more pleasant than it had been.  Did I
mention no dew?  

A couple galaxies and a planetary nebula in the constellation Coma Berenices were
my main targets for this morning, but as I waited for the telescope to adjust to the
outside temperature, I caught a view of the pretty triplet-star 35 Comae Berenices.  

The bright yellow primary and dimmer blue star are easy to separate, since they are a
full 29 arcseconds from each other.  The third star is only 1.2 arcseconds from the
primary and requires a bit more magnification to cleanly split from the bright yellow

What better way to wait for the tube-currents in the refractor to come under control than to
enjoy such a marvelous combination of star colors.