61 Cygni -- Double Star in Cygnus
Red-Eyes for a Halloween Night
The double star 61 Cygni is one of my favorite doubles in the night sky.  A pair of reddish-
orange eyes returns my stare through the eyepiece.  Under low power when star-hoping,
the twin ruddy-looking eyes jumps out at you as they slide into view.  Even now, after
observing them countless times before, they still invoke an element of surprise and
disbelieve when I first spot them.

The 61-Cygni is made up of a pair of old red-dwarf stars slowly moving around each
other every 678 or so years.  One of the reasons that they stand out as unusual is because
red dwarfs are not bright stars – far dimmer than our sun.  These red-eyed Dwarfs are so
striking because they are so close.  Only 15 other star systems are closer to us than 61-

This double is almost straight overhead during the evening hours of the last week in
October.  A Halloween treat one should not miss.