Alpha Capricorni -- Double Star in Capricornus
Alpha Capricorni -- A Naked-Eye Double Star
Separated by 6.6 arcminutes, Alpha Capricorni is a double star that you do not need a
telescope or binoculars to split.  Although they appear close together in the night sky they
are really separated from one another by about 450 light years and are thus, not physically
bound to one another.  On star maps they are marked as Alpha-1 and Alpha-2.  Alpha 2 is
slightly brighter and goes by the name Algedi which translates to the “Billy Goat”.  I was
surprised that I could not find any accepted name for the nearly equally bright Alpha-1. Both
Alpha-1 and Alpha-2 are multiple star systems in their own right, but it is their proximity to
each other as seen from Earth's perspective in a section of the sky lacking bright stars that
will continue to set them apart.