Collinder 21 (Asterism) and NGC 672 & IC 1727 (Galaxies) in  Triangulum
Two Interacting Galaxies in Triangulum
Low in the southern part of the constellation of the Triangle (Triangulum) the paired galaxies
NGC 672 and IC 1727 are actively tearing stars, dust and gas from each other.  This violence
is not visible in small telescopes and the view through my 155mm refractor gives the false
impression that all is calm with both galaxies.  A third galaxy NGC 684 falls within the drawing
circle but at magnitude 13.3 was below my detection level.

The two galaxies are a visual challenge in small telescopes -- but the nearby and obvious
Collinder 21 helps mark their location.  This arch of bright stars is often called the Putter
Cluster on star charts.  Although it is listed as an Open Cluster it most likely is just an
asterism (chance alignment of stars).  Still it is a pretty sight.  The drawing circle represents
the view at 35x, but I also used 182x to tease out the extent of the galaxies.