Comet PanStarrs c/2011 L4) on March 14, 2013
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Last evening several of us from the local astronomy club
braved the cold and the wind to observe Comet PanSTARRS
(c/2011 L4) as it followed the sun below the western horizon.  
This comet is a onetime visitor.  This was its first visit to pass
around the sun and it will be its last visit.  It is currently about
105 million miles from Earth – but then again it is best that
comets do keep their distance.  Comets are named after who
sees them first.  In this case, the comet was first found by an
automated telescope for the PanSTARRS Sky Survey in
Hawaii.  Drawing of PanSTARRS (c/2011 L4). Mt. Pleasant,
Howard County Conservancy, Maryland.