Dolidze 27 -- Open Cluster in Ophiuchus
Success with Failure
More often than not I fail to find the object I am looking for.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  
I often push the limits of my optics (telescopes and my aged eyes) to the breaking point.  The
large faint nebula Sh-2-27 in Ophiuchus proved beyond the reach of the small refractor even
though it was an excellent night and I used a nebula filter.  I am not sure that this nebula is
visually reachable in even larger telescopes, but it is a fine photographic deep sky object.  It
was worth a try.

Although, I failed to see Sh-2-27, the Open Cluster Dolidze 27 resides at the nebula’s western
edge.  Dolidze 27 is not rich in stars, but it was easy to see and stood out in the eyepiece.  I
made a quick drawing and claimed success.