Epsilon Lyrae Double Double Star
The Double-Double Star System
Stars are born in groups.  A few like the sun are thrown free of the gravitation of the
other stars and will live out their lives as single stars.  Many more however end up as
double or multiple star systems.  Epsilon Lyrae in the constellation Lyra appears as a
single star to the unaided eye.  Through binoculars or a spotting scope Epsilon Lyrae
is easily split into two stars.  Through a good quality telescope each of the two stars
split once again as can be seen in this drawing.  For this reason Epsilon Lyrae is often
referred to as the "Double Double" and serves as an optical test of a small telescope.
Epsilon Lyrae is actually a multipule star system with upwards of 10 stars.  The Double
Double are the four brightest.  Drawing done using a 155 mm refractor at 218x on the
morning of July 29, 2014 from Columbia, Howard County, Maryland.