HD 59538 -- Double Star in Canis Minor
Double Star in the Little Dog -- HD 59538
The moon is nearly full and will be shining bright all night.  No galaxies or faint nebula
observations for the next few evenings.  Fortunately, the moon, planets, carbon stars
and double Stars are still on the observing list during the time of the Full Moon.

Few amateur astronomers point their telescopes to the Little Dog constellation.  It is a
small constellation that lacks obvious deep sky objects.  Canis Minor would likely never
have come into existence if it was not the location of the 1st magnitude-star Procyon.  
The outline of the constellation on star maps consist of only two stars including Procyon.

But there are two-pairs of pleasing double-stars in the tiny constellation.  One of them,
HD 59538, is just 2-degrees west of Procyon.  Its stars are not bright, but the contrasting
yellow & blue colors makes them a lovely pair – let the full moon shine.

To other pretty double star in Canis Minor is
HD 58782.