Iota Cancri -- Double Star in Cancer
Gold & Blue on Black
The double-star Iota Cancri shows just how colorful stars can be.  The color of stars in the
night sky reflects their surface temperature (there are a few exceptions like Carbon Stars,
but these are rare).  The colors of visual stars range from blue-white (stars with
high-surface temperatures) to red (stars with low-surface temperatures).  Adding to the
mix is that two colors close together often trigger different color images in different
people.  This is true for double-stars, especially if the colors (surface temperatures) are
very different between the two close stars. The bottom line is that different people will see
different colors.  To me Iota Cancri shows a bright gold-yellow for the primary star and a
muted blue-green for the secondary star.

The secondary star is a dwarf-star that is rotating so fast that it is throwing off material
from around its equator.  This expelled material surrounds the star but is not visible in my