Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction on December 20, 2020
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Jupiter & Saturn Meet
The two largest planets in our Solar System were approximately half-a-degree from each other
as viewed from Earth this evening.  Tomorrow they will be at their closest, but the weather
forecast is not promising for tomorrow night, so I spent an hour this evening observing the two
planets low in the southwest just after sunset, just incase I get clouded out during tomorrow's
closest approach.  The weather tonight did not hold for long with thin clouds moving in over the
paired planets towards the end of the sketching time.

The moons Io and Europa are to the right of Jupiter while Ganymede and Callisto are to its left.  
There was a magnitude 7.4 star between Ganymede and Callisto.  Saturn’s moon Titan was at
the upper right of the planet and Rhea to the left of the planet.