M105, NGC 3384 & NGC 3389 -- Galaxies in Leo
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M105 & Companions
These three galaxies also belong to the same galaxy cluster in Leo as in another drawing.  
Using a low power eyepiece, I could get all five galaxies in the same field of view, but all
except for two (M105 & M96) were too dim, from my suburban site, to see at such a low
power.  Magnification increases sky darkness and thus, I made two drawings at higher
powers so that I could get all five galaxies in the cluster that were within my reach (there
are far more galaxies in the Leo Cluster, but they are below the visual reach of my
telescope). Even so, finding NGC 3389 at magnitude 12.5 was not an easy task. It was
far more difficult to see than what is represented in the drawing.