M 109  (NGC 3992)  Barred Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
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Like our own Milky Way, M109 is a Barred Spiral Galaxy.  One of the highlights of viewing
M109 is that I can make out the galactic bars even under suburban skies with my modest
6.1” aperture refractor. The suburban light pollution does impact the image, hiding from
me is the subtle glow from its spiral arms that would accompany the bars under a truly
dark sky.  I have drawings (not posted) of M109 taken with my 18” Obsession under dark
skies where the spiral arms spread out from the bars, surrounding the bright core and
arms.  Such detail is missing as seen from the deck-of-my-house with the refractor, but
it takes much effort, time and travel to get to a dark site with the 18” reflector.  At the
house, relaxed, with hot chocolate in-hand, I can still observe the 55-million-year-old
light from the core and bars along with fleeting hits of the arms of M109.  I have no