M 34 (NGC 1039) -- Open Cluster in Perseus
The Double Star Cluster (M34)
The name "Double Star Cluster" is my own name for this pretty little Open Star Cluster.  
It does not contain many stars (about 60) and it is not very large (about 10 ly across).  
Still, I am drawn to it over and over again, because it seems to be full of double-stars.
I do not know if these are gravitational doubles or just stars close to each other along
the same line-of-sight from Earth. Either way it is striking how many apparent or real
double-stars there are in this small cluster.  This cluster is most impressive in binoculars
or in a wide field telescope at low power. Narrow, higher power views of M34 takes
away from its overall attractiveness. How many double-stars can you see in M34?