M 42 & M 43 -- Great Orion Nebula -- Emission Nebula
Thanksgiving Drawing Of The Great Orion Nebula
Attempting to draw the Great Orion Nebula (M42) is frustrating.  Far too much
detail to record, wisps of nebulosity swirls in and out of one's vision.  It is an
area full of unseen taunting ghosts.  The Orion Nebula is far larger than I can
fully see with my telescope from the Maryland suburbs. Surrounding the
Trapezium (four stars in the dark mouth in the center of the nebula) I can just
make out the light-green color.  The nebula is fluorescent gas which is currently
giving birth to new stars.  Even at distance of 1,600 light years this small
section of the nebula still covers an area the apparent size of the full moon.  No
drawing could ever do M42 justice -- but it does not mean that I will stop trying.