M52 (NGC 7654) and Czernik 43 -- Open Clusters in Cassiopeia
A Dense White Star Cluster with a Ruddy Star
The Open Cluster M52 (NGC 7654) resides in a spiral arm of the milky way as it passes
near the border of the constellations Cassiopeia and Cepheus.  I find it a stunning sight.  
The cluster is a dense collection of white-blue stars that shows easily against the already
star-studded milky way background.  In addition, a ruddy-colored star contrasts nicely with
the other diamond-like stars in the cluster.  This orange star is not really a member of the
cluster proper, but its color adds nicely to accent the already attractive compact star-cluster.

About a half-degree from M52 resides a less known Open Cluster named Czernik 43.  I find
it easy to see, but none of its 15 or so stars are necessarily bright.  It is a far subtler
collection of stars than M52, but still worth a look.