M 54 (NGC 6715) -- Globular Cluster in Sagittarius
Galactic Cannibalization
Globular Cluster M54 has a story to tell.  Big galaxies like the Milky Way (the galaxy that
\our sun is in) get big, by pulling in and absorbing smaller galaxies.  The galaxy with the
most gravity from its stars, dust, gas and dark-matter always wins the contest.  The
stellar remains of devoured smaller galaxies can be found though out our massive
galaxy.  M54 is the core of the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy.  Most of this small
galaxy has been stripped of its material by the Milky Way but the process is currently still
going on.  At 70,000 light years, M54 is further from Earth than any of the other globular
clusters on Messier’s list (what the “M” stands for) and is still considered outside of the
Milky Way.  Its 244-light-year sized ball-of-stars with a black-hole at its center, is destine
for assimilation into the Milky Way. Resistance is futile.