Mars on June 19 & June 27, 2016
Drawing Of Mars On June 19, 2016
Thin clouds and not so steady of an atmosphere made for a difficult drawing of Mars last
night. I had to wait for brief periods of clarity to complete the drawing. Syrtis Major was
facing us and being the most distinct dark marking on the surface of Mars did help.  I
saw little, or possibly none, of the Northern Polar Cap (at 6:00 o'clock in the drawing)
but Hellas, the largest impact crater on Mars (at 11:00 o' clock) had either frost or low
clouds in it making it standout.  Observation details are shown on the drawing.
Mars on June 26, 2016
The sky was steady enough last night for me to once again draw Mars.  It is
rapidly growing smaller but it is still showing detail.  This was the first time
since the opposition that I could make out a distinct gibbous phase to the
planet.  Hellas continues to be the whitest (12:30 o'clock) spot on the planet
but I think I was also seeing an increase in clouds over the North Pole (5:30
o'clock).  Details of the drawing are on the label.