Miram (Eta Persei) -- Double Star in Perseus
Miram -- Reverse Albireo
Miram (Eta Persei) has been referred to as the “Reverse Albireo”.  Both stars, Albireo and
Miram, have bright gold primary stars with blue secondary companions.  If you look at
Albireo and then Miram, you will notice that the location of the “blue star” switches from one
side of the gold star to the other.

Miram gold (Eta Persei A) is a huge monster star with a diameter approximately equal to
Earth’s orbit.  It shines at 13,000 times that of our sun.  

Note the nice double-star (magnitudes 10 & 10.5) next to Miram.  In the past this pair was
thought to be companions to Miram along with a couple of the other nearby fainter stars.
These stars are now believed not be part of the Eta Persei system but due to chance