NGC 1535 -- Planetary Nebula in Eridamis
Cleopatra’s Eye
NGC 1535 (Cleopatra’s Eye) is one of the more stunning, I believe, Planetary Nebula in the
night sky.  Even in modest-sized telescopes this planetary provides details.  But the details
require spending time with the nebula at high power.  The standard Oxygen III filter used for
Planetary Nebulae did make it brighter but seemed to homogenize the nebula (a bad thing).  
Besides, Cleopatra’s Eye is concentrated and stands out in the eyepiece even without the
use of the nebula filter.  I would go further and claim that this is a good deep sky object for
observing from the suburbs.

I would recommend using no filter and high magnification on this nebula.  The central star
can be seen with some effort, but at a lower magnification is appears blended with the
inner-ring of the Planetary Nebula.  If you cannot separate the inner-ring from the central star
push up your magnification and if your sky is stable enough you should be successful.  
Visually observing a central star along with both an inner-ring and an outer-shell from the
suburbs in a 6-inch telescope makes this Planetary Nebula a winner in my book.

To see the inner-ring and central star in my sketch you will likely have to enlarge the drawing.  
The overall color of NGC 1535 appeared to me as pale-bluish gray.