NGC 1662 -- Open Cluster in Orion
The two Open Clusters NGC 1662 and NGC 1663 could not appear more different in my
155mm Refractor.  NGC 1662 is obvious and a beauty of a star cluster while NGC 1663 is
but a hazy ghost that I struggled to see.  These two Open Clusters are technically in Orion
but are located very near the Hyades (in Taurus).  It was easier for me to star hop from the
bright star Aldebaran (in Taurus) than to start my search using any of the stars in Orion.

The literature states that NGC 1663 consists of fifteen or so 12th magnitude or brighter stars
and another fifteen or so fainter stars.  I could not confirm this.  To me the stars were all
blurred into an agonizing mist that challenged my eyes and telescope.  However, NGC 1662,
two degrees south of NGC 1663, was a pleasing swarm of stars that was a joy to observe
and draw.  
Two Clusters above the Shield of Orion