NGC 189 Open Cluster in Cassiopeia
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Hidden Treasure 1
The open cluster NGC 189 is the first object listed (HT1) in Stephen O'Meara's book "Hidden
Treasures".  This object proved a bit challenging under my suburban skies.  At low power I
had difficulty locating it.  Its 90 odd stars shine between magnitudes 11 and 15, so most
were below what I could see directly through the telescope from the deck of my house.  By
increasing the magnification the glow from the round cluster was subtle but obvious. This
was the first time that I had drawn this cluster of stars. Equally enjoyable was that this was
the first time in a couple of weeks that the temperature outside was so warm.  Under a clear
sky, it was just below the freezing point -- much warmer than it has been in a while and very