Open Cluster NGC 1981 & Running Man Nebula NGC 1977, NGC 1975 & NGC 1973
Just North of the Great Orion Nebula
It took three drawings to cover Orion's sword. The area is ripe with fascinating deep
sky objects. The difficulty, is forcing one's self away from the Great Orion Nebula
which is positioned in the middle of the sword. I am always surprised that many think
the Running Man Nebula (just north of the Great Orion Nebula) is only a photographic
target.  However, even under suburban skies I can get hints of it, even without the use
of nebula filters.  With nebula filters, the extent of the nebula grows in the eyepiece.  
The visual view will never compare with the photographs of this marvelous nebula, but
it should not be overlooked by those of us that still look directly through the telescope.