NGC 2194 & Skiff J0614 + 12.9 -- Open Clusters in Orion
Two Open Clusters in Northeast Orion
For my final observation object, on the superb morning of December 26, 2019, I sent the
telescope up into the northeast corner of Orion to Open Cluster NGC 2194.  This rich but faint
cluster of stars requires a clear transparent night to observe from my suburban backyard.  This
Herschel 400 object was not difficult to locate attesting to the quality of the sky over my house.  

Adjacent to NGC 2194 is another Open Cluster called Skiff J0614 + 12.0 (marked on some
star atlases as Sk-4).  This faint cluster consists of 20+ stars most of which were below the
reach of my 155mm refractor. Finding its subtle glow was the challenge of the night.  
Centered around six faint stars in the shape of a distorted rectangle the faint glimmering of
background light went in and out of visibility.  A good final night’s observation is always
welcome and a good stimulus for sleep.