NGC 2775 -- Spiral Galaxy in Cancer
Just north of the Cancer/Hydra border is a small complex of galaxies called the
"NGC 2775 Group".  In turn the small group belongs to the Antila-Hydra Cloud of
Galaxies which has 106 members.  From my suburban backyard, using the 6-inch
refractor the only galaxy bright enough for me to find of the "NGC 2775 Group"
was NGC 2775 proper.  Residing in the same field-of-view of the drawing was
the 14th magnitude NGC 2777, but it was just too dim for me to see – but I tried.

NGC 2775 has a reasonably bright center, which helps it standout at the eyepiece.  
Outside of the brighter core, I was not able to see any additional detail in the spiral
arms of the galaxy.  Still it was memorable.  A huge object spanning 73,000 light
years, shining with the equivalence of 17 billion times that of our sun, whose light
took 55 million years to reach my telescope made for a good start for tonight’s
observing session.