NGC 3377, NGC 3367 & NGC 3412 -- Galaxies in Leo
An Elliptical & Two Spiral Galaxies in the Hind-Quarters of the Lion
Several galaxies are clumped together between the stars Zosma (Delta Leonis) and Chertan
(Theta Leonis).  The brightest three are within reach of my 6-inch refractor from my suburban
backyard.  The brightest is NGC 3377, an Elliptical Galaxy, while the other two NGC 3367
and NGC 3412 are Spiral Galaxies.

This drawing is a composite of four draft drawings completed at the telescope.  This was
necessary since I could not fit all three galaxies in the same eyepiece but wished to show
them together in the drawing.  I used a magnification of 84x for the structure of the drawing,
while details on the galaxies themselves were teased out at a magnification of 182x.  
NGC 3377 was brighter at the center, but no distinct core was seen.  NGC 3412 had a
distinct core while NGC 3367 was just too dim to show any detail.  I used a diagonal on the
telescope, so the orientation of the drawing is mirror reversed.