NGC 3504 & NGC 3512  -- Spiral Galaxies in Leo Minor
With my 6-inch refractor from suburbia, the barred spiral galaxy NGC 3504
appears distinctly elongated.  However, this is an illusion.  The spiral galaxy is
oriented towards us face-on.  As you can see from the recorded apparent-size
the galaxy is round, not elongated.  The reason for my misrepresentation is that
the core and the bar of this galaxy are far brighter than the surrounding spiral
arms.  The spiral arms were too dim for me to see in the telescope and thus only
the bright core and bar were drawn – making the image look elongated.

The nearby NGC 3512 was the dimmest galaxy (magnitude 12.9) that I attempted
and was able to detect this morning. I failed to see it at magnification 84x but
could, with fleeting difficulty at 182x.  Proof that this morning was exceptional clear
over my house.