NGC 4125 -- Elliptical Galaxy in Draco
Ending the Night with an Elliptical Galaxy
My last target for the night of March 7th was NGC 4125.  This galaxy was not anywhere as
difficult as my previous targets of
NGC 4236, NGC 2859, and NGC 2782 that I had gotten
under this exceptionally transparent sky.  I needed to finish with something not as stressful
on my eyes.  NGC 4125 is not especially easy from Central Maryland in the small refractor,
it was just easier than what I had hunted for earlier in the night.  

NGC 4125 is easy to locate.  It is nine arcminutes to the southeast of an 8th magnitude star
and there is a 10th magnitude star just to the east of the galaxy.  The drawing was done at
59x while teasing out the dimmer outlying disk beyond the brighter core of the galaxy at 164x.  
But again, the galaxy was not difficult to spot even at much lower powers.  It was a good object
to end the night.