NGC 4151 -- Spiral Galaxy in Canes Ventatici
A Seyfert Galaxy and Neighbors
The Spiral Seyfert Galaxy, NGC 4151, has a bright center. Its nucleus is alive with activity. This
Island Universe is interacting with other galaxies of which NGC 4145 and NGC 4156 are within
a half of a degree. Adjacent to NGC 4151 is NGC 4156. At magnitude 13.0 this Barred Spiral
Galaxy would normally not be within reach of my refractor from suburbia except that it has a very
bright nucleus. The nucleus appeared star-like in the eyepiece, giving no hint that it was a galaxy.
Just outside of the field of view of NGC 4151, about a half degree away, was NGC 4145. This
quiet galaxy has only minimal new star formation. At magnitude 11.3 it appeared only as a faint
soft glow showing no detail.