NGC 4665 (= NGC 4624, 4664 & 4636) -- Galaxy in Virgo
A Multiple Named Galaxy
I find the Barred Lenticular Galaxy NGC 4665 an intriguing object both as a visual object and
from a naming perspective.  A quick check of the current star atlases both electronic and
hardcopies leads to confusion.  In Sky Tools (electronic) this galaxy is labeled as NGC 4624,
in my hardbound Uranometria 2000 as NGC 4665 and in the new hardbound Interstellarum
Deep Sky Atlas as NGC 4664. I am not sure that a true resolution to this galaxy’s correct NGC
number is in sight.  I am going with NGC 4665 based on Stephen O’Meara’s explanation in
his book “The Secret Deep” where this galaxy is his 63rd entry.  The mess created in this
galaxy having multiple names is due to misreading or mis-recording the celestial coordinates
resulting in multiple “false” discoveries.

Whatever its name this galaxy is easy to recognize in the telescope.  The galaxy rests next to
an 11th magnitude star and on closer examination the bright bar crossing the galaxy stands
out even in the 155mm refractor under a suburban sky.  The drawing circle was done at 84x
while the galaxy details were teased out at 182x.