NGC 4666 -- Spiral Galaxy in Virgo
The Superwind Galaxy
NGC 4666 is called the “Superwind Galaxy” due to its unusually high out-flowing of gas due to
vigorous star formation.  This out flow of gas is visible only in X-rays and is not detectable at
visual wavelengths.  However, the bright elongated core of this thin-appearing galaxy was
obvious in the 155mm refractor on this cold February morning.  

As often happens when viewing galaxies in the Virgo Super Cluster, one sees other galaxies
while locating one’s main target.  Two galaxies were detectable (barely) just outside of the
field-of-view of NGC 4666.  These were NGC 4632 (magnitude 12.2) and NGC 4653
(magnitude 12.8).  These are at the extreme limits of the telescope from my suburban house
so mini-drawings were also made.